Friday, April 30, 2010

Introduce Yourselves!

I see I have gained some followers recently. Very exciting! Please comment and introduce yourselves if you feel comfortable doing so.


  1. i'm michelle, almost 24, just trying to live life in the face of death. medically i could be fine or i could die anytime, nobody knows. i was abused for 11 years, survived a kidnapping at the hands of both a parent & his friends, and am quite happy to know that in Christ i can be whole even when the world says otherwise.

  2. btw, i just now read in your description that you are Jewish... my reference to Jesus was in NO WAY an intentional insult or anything! i promise! i was just sharing my faith & how i survive... i have nothing but the HIGHEST respect for Jews, Israel, and you as a person. :-)

    just wanted to make that clear ;-)

  3. I don't mind religious differences at all, no worries!


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