Monday, May 3, 2010

The Challenge Day 72--Patching

So yesterday I repatched a skirt that was the first thing I ever patched because I have learned so much more since then. Here are some tips about patching:

1. Cut the hole into a square or some other basic shape. This makes it easier to work with.

2. The edges of the patch should far exceed the edges of the hole. You'll need more than you think, and you can always trim the edges later.

3. All fabrics are not created equal. Think about where you are patching. A hole in the knee of your jeans needs a nice, stretchy patch. A hole in a skirt just needs newish material without too much stretch.

4. Sew twice around the patch for extra durability.

5. Fabric: You may attempt to match the clothing fabric or go for something obvious and wild. I like to have fun with material; my blue skirt now has a purple, flowered patch.

6. Wear your patched clothes with pride! It's a great way to show off sewing skills.

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