Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Favorite Things

(Inspired by this [] post at the Mouro Family Blog.)

1. My best friend "John": He has been there for me through everything--good and bad, usual and not-so-much--from day one. He has seen me through chronic pain, great test scores, Bipolar Disorder, my amazing religious experiences, etc. He's been there to wish me luck for plays and interviews and tell me he knew I could do it, no matter what "it" was.

2. Music by Steven Curtis Chapman: I have had to be a bit careful with this one because he is a Christian music artist and I don't want to be blasting Christian music at this school, but his songs are all amazing and I've managed to find a sizeable playlist. My favorites are "God is God" and "Fingerprints of God".

3. "Battle Hymn of the Republic": My favorite song ever. It is such a powerful poem!

4. Jewish philosophy: There is more to being spiritual than simply praying. I like to read about God (or rather other people's metaphors for God) too.

5. A good rain storm: I love to watch rain, feel rain, play in the rain.

6. Clean, cold water: There is nothing so refreshing in the world, and I know how lucky I am to have it.

7. Sewing: I love to sew, especially when I am doing something practical, such as repairing clothes. That just makes me feel so productive!

8. Sculpey III modeling clay: I got my first pack for my sixth birthday...let's just say I've been hooked ever since!

9. My favorite nightshirt: It's from a klezmer (Jewish folk) music concert in 1997. It is a mens' extra large and I will never outgrow it! It's actually been my favorite nightshirt for thirteen years.

10. Reece's Rainbow: I just love the work of this organization! What a worthwhile cause! And of course, I feel very attached to the little boy, Grady, for whom I am praying.

*Just one more: Meir Panim: A charity that works in Israel to provie hot meals and more to Israeli children living below the poverty line.

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