Monday, December 21, 2009

Still Here

Hello All,

I am still here. I've just been very busy.

Bipolar symptoms are completely under control (Translation: I am symptom-free!) thanks to a combination of lithium, lamictal, and seroquel. The lithium and the seroquel are both weight gainers, so I have changed my eating habits (MANY fewer sweets, more fruits and vegetables) and plan to start using the treadmill at school every day. I did go back to school for two weeks, but now it's winter treadmill.

I've really hit the ground running with schoolwork. I have five assignments to complete over break, and at school I was getting about two hours of work a night. Not to mention studying for the SAT...

I am a member of my school's gay straight alliance, which meets approximately once a week. I really think it's a straight alliance except for me, but it still helps me feel less lonely. Every member got a "gay? fine by me" tshirt; mine is now my favorite shirt.

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