Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Challenge Day 1

Today on the phone my parents tried to convince me that buying me clothes when I needed them was their expense, not my expense. Since they give me the money I spend, I think it's the same thing, and I refuse to buy any new clothes.

I am heading out soon to buy materials for my Purim costume. I need a cardboard box, packing tape, and scissors. This is one of my allotted luxury purchases for the remainder of the year.

Today's appreciated luxury: SHOES. Everybody at my school owns at least one pair of shoes. I own fourteen pairs, fifteen if you count the rollerblades. So many people in the world do not own even one pair. Today I am thankful for shoes.


I just got back from buying my supplies. Cardboard boxes are ridiculously expensive. I am 98 percent sure I kept the rest of my expenses together below ten dollars, yet my total was twenty dollars. UGH. This was not a particularly big box.

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