Monday, February 22, 2010

The Challenge Day 2 (and a Poem)

I have been rapid cycling again recently, and I realized that this challenge occurred to me in a hypomanic phase. Not that I do not plan to follow through; it is an excellent idea. It's just interesting to see what results from mania.

Today I am most thankful for my laptop. I came back from school today suffering too much anguish for life to seem worth the trouble (depression). I have been playing on my laptop for roughly half an hour and already feel much better.

And here is a poem I wrote about an hour ago:

Invisible Hell
Oh, Hello there.
Have you come to visit me?
I live in Invisible Hell.

Welcome, sit down.
Let me show you around.
These are my pills;
Aren’t they big? Aren’t they pretty?
I get to take them every day.
How lucky am I!

Over here is Depression.
It courses like waves, and
Makes my life…not-life.
I try to surf through it; have you seen my surfboard!?
But sometimes the waves are too big.

Come here and see Mania.
Can you feel the tornado?
It wraps itself round me, stealing my breath.
It takes my thoughts.
They jump out of my head.
And then I cannot stop spinning.

When they come together is the worst time of all.
I bob up and down.
My surfboard is lost.
The waves wash over me, tumble me with them.
My thoughts and my breath disappear on the wind.
I am thrown up and down and spun in fast circles.

Did you like my Invisible Hell?
Come back soon!

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