Monday, February 1, 2010

"It's not that unusual when everything is beautiful; it's just another ordinary ,miracle today."

(Unfortunately I do not know the title or artist of the song from which I hijacked that title. If anybody does, please let me know so I can cite the quotation properly. Thank you!)

EDITED: The song is "Ordinary Miracle" by Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday of last week I started cycling up into mania. I watched it until Thursday, when I quickly got going with contacting my mental health professionals to prevent actual mania (as opposed ot manic symptoms). Long story short, emails flew back and forth between me and my psychologist, phone calls flew back and forth between my psychiatrist and my psychologist, and we doubled my Seroquel, making the dose 800 milligrams.

Now. I *could* be feeling sorry for myself and complaining right now. My GPA dropped; my physical pain is worse because I haven't been consistently working out for a while; I am reminded that I am not well; etc. etc. But seriously, I am alive and stable and I am I; how can I complain about that? I wouldn't even have these problems on my radar if I were not stable.

Honestly, I'm really glad Thursday happened. I'm exceedingly greatful that it was that easy to shut off, of course; but without that scare, I would not remember how lucky I am.

Life is good.

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