Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Challenge Day 8

I just realized that I will be flying to NYC for my interview in two weeks. I mean, I knew I would be, of course, but it just sank in that I will either have to buy 3-ounce bottles or check a bag just for toiletries. The bottles are the cheaper option; I'll buy them when I buy the pantyhose. I will also need to withdraw money for a taxi. My parents' usual policy is to put more money in my bank account as needed; if I need mroe money this year I will feel rather defeated in this challenge. On the other hand, by making my money last as long as possible I will still be saving my parents money, and that's something. I will still donate what is left at the end of the school year.

In other news, my schedule for the 11th through the 14th (Thursday to Sunday) looks absolutely crazy. Here it is:

Thursday the 11th: school, pack up, fly to NYC, stay overnight with my dad at my grandparents' house

Friday the 12th: interview, fly back to Greensboro, shower, start Shabbat

Saturday the 13th: Shabbat (thank God for the day of rest!)

Sunday the 14th: SATs

Hectic, chaotic, exciting. My life is never boring. :)

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