Monday, March 1, 2010

The Challenge Day 9, Community Service, and Prayer Warriors

No opportunities to spend money today, so not much to report. I did get my new student ID made, and now I owe the school the fee. It's not money I wanted to spend, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be either. When I go to Target this Sunday to get pantyhose and three-ounce bottles, I will get cash back to pay that fee and also for a taxi to the airport.

In other news, my school is taking a group on a great community service trip and I can't wait to go. Near our school is a battered women's shelter and my school takes groups every so often to play with the children and give their mothers a chance to relax. Always before, the school has volunteered there on Shabbat; as an observant Jew, I missed out on the opportunity. Today, however, is Monday. I am going and I am excited.

I was clicking around the Reece's Rainbow site yesterday (yes, I am slightly obsessed) and discovered the concept of prayer warriors. When one signs up to be a Reece's Rainbow Prayer Warrior, one is matched with a specific child to "pray home". A photo and brief medical history are provided and updates are sent periodically. Prayer Warriors are asked to pray daily for their children at least until they make it home. What an easy way to help! (The Reece's Rainbow website is

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