Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prayer Warrior Update and The Challenge Day 10

I have been matched with a child to pray for. Grady is a two year old boy (turning three in May) in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He has arthrogryposis affecting his lower limbs. His grant fund (money to help a family adopt him) already contains 360 dollars (not from me), and if I could I would donate too. To see his picture, go to reecesrainbow.com, and click on other angels. Click the boys link and scroll down until you see his name. (There is only one Grady on the page.)

Please consider helping this boy any way you can. It would be wonderful to get people together and form a network to "pray him home"!

No real update on the challenge, except that saving money for Haiti means I cannot presently donate to Grady's grant fund. There is so much need in the world; I don't mind the fact that my donations are small but it's so hard to know where to donate.

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